Our Readers' Opinions
June 30, 2020
Father, where are you?

EDITOR: The children cry out. Who will protect us when the consent age is 15 years old and we mistake lust for love? We are too young to cope with these kinds of things and we need protection from predators. Can we look for help from the girls in Parliament or the ‘parliament girls’? They need to consent to change the age of consent so that school children can focus on learning without distraction.

Poverty makes people vulnerable and people in position of authority may be tempted to take advantage of us for their own gain and to our detriment.

But if father would play his role as priest of the household we would have high moral values and keep our dignity. If father would provide for the family we would be less likely to fall prey to the vultures. If father would protect us with his presence those with evil intensions would stay away.

Anthony Stewart, PhD