Coronavirus and how we can maintain our mental health
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April 3, 2020

Coronavirus and how we can maintain our mental health

Editor: Language is the key to a child’s educational development. Today, I urge persons with infants to spend time speaking WORDS not NON-WORDS with your children. You will see the benefits later on once this period of Covid-19 and its related inconveniences are less restrictive.

Spend some time outdoors in the sunlight as this is a very good source of Vitamin D. Cabin fever can quickly set in if one is cooped up in an apartment or house for long periods. Being indoors can also see persons becoming rather irritable. Avoid unnecessary arguments or prolonged non-uplifting conversations. There are some persons with very myopic minds and such individuals can be mentally destructive therefore, avoid them as much as possible.

Young children can become bored easily; this is when parents or caregivers must become creative and spend QUALITY time with them doing things of interest to the children. Read WITH the younger ones where possible instead of pushing a technology device in their hands. Ensure that you set aside time for daily naps. The body needs rest for one to function at the optimum. You can engage your children in board games (scrabble, ludo, uno, phase 8, cashflow) as they can be a good source of laughter, enjoyment and brain stimulation.

Teenagers and young adults are advised to use their time wisely. Those smart phones can be your avenue to a brighter future. You have been procrastinating for too long, now is the time to enroll in that online class or learn a skill. However, when logging on to internet sites, check the veracity of such before inputting your information. Ask a friend or a trusted adult/teacher for guidance. Remember that no one is exempt from disease or being scammed. Do not let your guard down when online. Refrain from being secretive with unwanted advances from strangers or persons you may know.

Everyone ought to eat well during this time and try to do some form of exercise in order to not gain unwanted weight. Gaining weight is easy, losing it can be problematic. We do not want an obese society. Eat smart; eat your vegetables and fruits. Maintain healthy and balanced meals. Consult your general practitioner where necessary for any health problems. Stay away from those “magic drinks” as they may do more harm than good to you and the healthcare system. Talk with a dietitian/nutritionist for healthy eating advice, NOT your pastor or friend.

About sleep: – If you had a bad night of sleep, try not to sleep in the following day. Why? Remember that the brain has a clock which requires regularity; Resist the urge to take a nap late in the day. Get out of bed, go to another location (a room maybe) and you can read a book or just do something of interest. Return to sleep when you are sleepy. Try to stay away from tech devices as lengthy exposure to the screens can possibly impact negatively on the psyche and your sleep patterns.

Stay away from fake-healers, fake-prophets, fake persons with fake visions. Place your trust in Jesus Christ and read your Bible regularly for insight. Desist from repeating what you heard others say especially when such information cannot be verified. The internet is a magnet for scams; please be very cautious with the myriad of offers that may present themselves. Fear can do much more harm than contracting the Covid-19. Avoid being gullible. Be alert. Just be smart during this time and let us all work together in conquering this pandemic called Covid-19.

Marcelle Burgin