A Heavy Heart
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March 27, 2020

A Heavy Heart

EDITOR: It’s with a heavy heart I write these lines concerning one of the most unfortunate and tragic events that has touched me personally and dearly in recent times. I am not here to take sides because both Mr and Mrs Israel are dear friends of mine and I wish that what transpired a few weeks ago was just misfortune. But it’s not. I would probably be criticized for my remarks, but I think where there are any case of domestic violence and abuse a serious look must be taken at both sides.

The couple in question were caring and loving individuals who cared for their children and were very professional at their respective jobs. They were seen together quite frequently, him picking her up and dropping her off at work.

Grocery shopping together, and recently attended side by side at a cocktail at the Cuban Embassy. As with most relationships there were issues that could not be resolved amicably.

It is a fact that BOTH parties made police reports with regard to disputes and disturbances in the home. Mr Israel suffered injuries and also verbal and psychological abuse.

Editor I think it’s time for all involved, including the media to get the full story on matters. Such as these before publication and venting opinions, doing so can prevent unnecessary heart break and misinformation to spread, which will be readily accepted by vacant minds as the truth.

Anyone who have ever been around this couple would understand what I’m talking about, I wish ‘nursey’ a peaceful transition and ‘hussy’ peace with God.

De Amigo

Antolin Riverer