Vincy Mas or Coronavirus
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March 20, 2020

Vincy Mas or Coronavirus

EDITOR: According to the comment made on SVG TV news concerning Coronavirus and Vincy Mas… Please be reminded that this is a 2×4 country with open shores (most unmonitored and out of sight, mind you), any and everything can pass in plain sight (which is a problem to be solved). Popular worldwide events, technological conferences, manufactures and the marketing ecosystem have placed halts on production and holding off of these occurrences. Frankly, job opportunities aren’t so available. The most sensible action would be to cancel all major

events and restrict traveling for at least a year. Although our relatively hot climate is not favourable for the virus, the only upside to giving possible entry to it is maybe, freeing up positions in work places (if you know what I mean) – and nobody should want that.

So which is it, government temporary excitement, or the well-being of the citizens?

Citizens need to realise that they are the ones who provide the outcome.

A Concerned Vincentian