Calling on the authorities to help us get a good night sleep
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March 6, 2020

Calling on the authorities to help us get a good night sleep

EDITOR: I write to announce that I had the most horrifying, the most terrifying time of my life as a retired civil servant, on Saturday, February 29.

I live in the Victoria Village area and the authorities gave an individual or individuals permission to play music and make the loudest and lewdest of noise, not for two, four or even eight hours, but for the WHOLE NIGHT.

Editor, THE WHOLE NIGHT! The music started up about 5:30 on Saturday evening. Now, that is not strange, because we are accustomed to hearing music from the location of various small businesses or residences, occasionally, and especially on weekends. Usually, they would die down around ten or midnight. But last night, the music went for the WHOLE NIGHT. It never stopped until the sun began to peep over on the horizon.

As yet, I do not know what the occasion was, whatever it was, it kept many persons in that area and surroundings up all night. Among them were children who had a trying week at school. School is always trying, and children look forward to a restful weekend. Teachers and civil servants who had a tiring week on the job.

Retirees, like myself, who just need a night of peace and quiet, The aged and the sick, many, like myself, who have to take medication at night for heart and pressure problems, among others were denied any rest. Editor, do you know what it’s like for persons like these, who desperately want to sleep and cant?

Well, I described it in my opening statement. And I know, for others, it is worse than that.

What amazed me most is how time has changed.

Once, people were cognizant of the Lenten season, and not even on the radio you would hear a calypso or other secular music. I know that there are many Catholics, and probably other denominations, living in the area, who look forward to attending the first mass of the Lenten season.

If you read this article, were you offended? Then let your voices be heard, on the radio talk shows, speak it to your church members and leaders, and speak it to your political party representatives.

Speaking of that…

rumour has it that the representative for the area was seen in the vicinity. I pray and hope that’s all it was, a rumour.

Reporting to the police: Editor, this is one of the area’s worse nightmares.

I know of persons in the past, who have made reports to the police about certain loud and lewd music. No one ever follows up on them. Yet there are areas, not far from my community, where, once a report is made about loud noise, the police is there in a hurry. Are some persons/communities more important than others?

The noise Act: I am aware that there is a law that defines loud music as a crime. Why these reports aren’t followed up ALL the time? They should. I am calling on the department of national security, PLEASE help us. We need our sleep at nights.

Thank you.

A concerned retiree