She’s Someone Of Value
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January 10, 2020
She’s Someone Of Value

by : Clement Fergus

Women, no matter what men may think or say about you,
A rose is still a rose, you are someone of value;
My heart is grieved when I hear about women been abused,
The treatment meted out to them can never be excused;
You are the weaker vessel in their view,
But as a help- meet you are truly someone of value.

You are a mother, a wife, and a sister,
I see you as an aunt, a niece and a daughter;
You did not fall from some breadfruit tree
For men to ill-treat you like you are a nobody;
I see feel your pain, I see the teardrops too,
Woman take courage, you are someone of value.

Men claim they love you with all their heart,
And no matter what, their love for you will never part;
But as soon as there’s a little mis understanding
Woop! Woop! Woop! Is the next thing coming;
Because of fear some women are afraid to admit that it is true
So they failed to see that they are someone of value.

Physical abuse,sexual abuse and psychological abuse is nothing new,
And a man who puts his hands on a woman is nothing but a manicou;
Some only look upon a woman as a baby-machine
Showing no concern for the woman’s well-being;
Ladies, forgive them for they know not what they do,
Pity they can’t see you as something of value.

Your value lies in your character and in your fidelity,
Your inner strength and in your inner beauty;
Shame on all those men who beat up on their women
They feel they are macho but their actions are like little children;
Lady, seek your justice or the abuse will continue,
Move out while you can for you are someone of value.

This violence against our women must stop,
The beatings, rape, murder and chopping up;
Such degrading things they say about women,
In what way is rum cheaper than them?
Women, your change is long over-due,
Prove to all that are indeed someone of value.