We are witnessing the evolution of a  Christian Sodom and a global Gomorrah
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November 29, 2019
We are witnessing the evolution of a Christian Sodom and a global Gomorrah

Editor: The subject of homosexuality has become the most popular point of ongoing discussion in St Vincent and the Grenadines, especially with reference to the court case challenging the constitutionality of the buggery laws of the nation. I was leaving Kingstown on Thursday afternoon, November 14, and was pleasantly surprised to see the large number of persons engaged in the march protesting against changing the laws that relate to the subject. I believe that every Christian nation should be governed by laws reflective of the moral principles enshrined in the Ten Commandments given by God the Creator for the healthy social and psychological interrelationships among mankind. I see it as a responsibility of the government that should be given very serious consideration.

But time and events have shown that modern Christianity has had a paradigm shift in terms of the definition and importance of morality. In my most recent count, the twenty plus nations that had legalized homosexual marriages were all of Christian beginnings, the only exception being Taiwan. Interestingly, one of the nations most amenable to homosexuality is Israel, whose religion, Judaism, is the precursor to Christianity. The countries we label heathen still uphold their anti-homosexual laws. The framers of the constitutions of England and America (and very likely, the other “Christian” nations) accommodated and applied a religious perspective to their work. Current legal minds, in interpreting the same constitutions give to the framework a socio-political interpretation. I am delighted that the court has given the opportunity to the Christian Coalition of SVG to participate in the judiciary process. The young lawyers representing the defense have given evidence of being intellectually sharp, highly trained, and purposefully sanctified. May God be their guide! Jesus has already predicted that the commonality, legality, general acceptance and virtual prominence given to the practice in Sodom and Gomorrah will be repeated in these times. What we are witnessing is the evolution of a Christian Sodom and a global Gomorrah.

It seems to me that the crisis we are facing now is preparing this and the next generation for the onslaught of homosexuality which is destined to infect and saturate societies around the world. As a Christian, the developments occurring in this arena in the 1980’s and 1990’s so attracted my attention that I began writing a book on the subject. I thought I was finished in 1999, but breath-taking events and mind-boggling developments kept me changing information and adding details until 2017 when the book was finally published. OF MODERN SODOM contains information with regards to: what is homosexuality; who is a homosexual; the popularity of homosexuality; the causes of homosexuality; the influence of mothers; the influence of the environment; the impact of nature, nurture, and culture; the teenage and the Christian dilemmas; and God’s power to save everyone, without exception. It suggests strategies for escape for the young man; and gives information to parents, wives and significant others as to how they could inadvertently influence boys and youth to engage in the practice or develop the attitude, as well as how to help them overcome and escape the scourge.

The book is available at Gaymes Book Store in Kingstown.

Licentiousness is the special sin of this age, and the Christian church is not exempted. Information on Facebook, Youtube, and even the television news channels give evidence of this fact. The seventh commandment can be broken in a variety of ways, homosexuality being only one of them. The companion book, #2 in the series, and titled: A Modern Prodigal, details the author’s personal battles in seeking to honor the seventh commandment. It is a startling testimony to the undying, unfathomable, all-inclusive love of God, and His power to save to the uttermost. The author’s victory should give hope and inspiration to all who struggle with any weakness related to this commandment. To obtain copies, call 4969940.

Westwick Abijah