I’m looking for the Herberts – my mum’s family
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November 22, 2019
I’m looking for the Herberts – my mum’s family

Editor: I heard you are the best for connecting people, even from foreign countries with their family members in St Vincent.

Last year, my mom had a heart attack and it had me thinking about her family in St Vincent that she never met.

Although my mom is better now, I can’t help but wonder who was my Grandmother and who are our relatives.

My Mother was born in Trinidad to a young woman from St Vincent, who died shortly after giving birth to her. 

I would like to know about my Grandmother, so that I can share that information with my children.

The family name in St. Vincent is HERBERT.

My mother’s name is: SHEILA HERBERT.

Her Mother’s name was LILLIAN HERBERT from St Vincent.

My brother is CHRISTOPHER “TAMBU” HERBERT. I attached his picture below. He lives in Trinidad and he’s a Singer.

My mother and I live in North America with my family.

I am requesting your help because I am not sure how long my mom will be on this earth and I would like to give her closure about who she is and who was her mom. 

This has been heavy on her heart since I was a little girl and every child deserves to know where they came from.

Thank you.