Criminalization of Blackness
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November 19, 2019
Criminalization of Blackness

Editor: Let’s look at a brief summary of America’s history. Africans were brought here to work as slaves on Plantations for free. They received no money. Black unemployment was unheard of. Anyone who refused to work was beaten to death. When slavery ended, Black unemployment became a new phenomenon. No Democrat in America would hire a Black worker and they were highly skilled and experienced fresh off the Plantations.

Democrats implemented policies that made it impossible for Black people to get jobs. They established unions that only hired Europeans. They created their famous slogans “no N-word need apply.” The “N-word” was even applied to some Europeans who were believed to be contaminated with “Moor” blood. As a result of these policies implemented by Democrats, jobless Blacks were ushered back on Plantations as chain gang workers again providing free labor. 

This has been the Democrats’ continuous pattern of criminalization of Blackness whether its masked as “vagrant laws” or “drug laws.” Then in the early 1900s, Marcus Garvey introduced Blacks to a concept of global Black economic power with his international organization called The Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). Democrats funded W. E. B Dubois as the Black front man to attack Garvey. Dubois said Garvey was the most dangerous man in America. Democrats created The National Association for Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) solely to combat Garvey. 

The Democrats with their Black face collaborators put Garvey in prison on alleged “mail fraud,” and banished him from America. With Garvey banished like Snowball in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, The Democrats were now free to permanently re-enslave Blacks with their masterpiece Trojan Horse Integration. The NAACP led Blacks to becoming America’s consumers and opened up a global market for Democrats’ Corporations. They used Garvey’s idea for their own empowerment. 

Blacks who even without money valued and cared for their families were reconditioned to abandon their families in the 1960s. Democrat, Lyndon Johnson who succeeded John F Kennedy after he was assassinated, declared “War on Poverty” which was really a declaration of “War on Black Families.” Patrick Daniel Moynihan whom I believe was an honorable man advised The Johnson Administration to provide jobs for the Black men that were denied employment to reinforce the Black Family Structure. Lyndon Johnson, the Democrat, who gave us Integration (1964 Civil Rights Law), refused to gave Black men jobs. Instead, he gave Black mothers a welfare check and ordered them to put the men out of their homes.

The Johnson Administration paid its Social Workers (those people who supposed to care for the best interests of families) to act as family police in going into these women’s homes to ensure no men reside there. Any woman caught with a man’s razor blade in her medicine cabinet or a man’s pair of shoes under her bed couldn’t get a welfare check. The Democrats created the “Deadbeat Dad” in America. 

These children from Integration without fathers became unruly. Many suffered great emotional problems and turned to drugs and alcohol as medication. Democrat, Bill Clinton, dubbed, America’s First Black President because of his lack of decorum, implemented “Mass Incarcerated” of these emotionally broken Black individuals who were damaged by The Lyndon Johnson Administration. 

The frightening thing is that Black People who should be terrorized by the word “Democrats” are so mentally confused that they become ardent warriors and defenders of their villains. My friend George Daniel often talks about the Stockholm Syndrome as it relates to Blacks defending and protecting their terrorists. It is the equivalent of the rape victim defending the rapist. My God on this Sunday morning, I beg you to restore clarity to the minds of Black People because they are destroyed for a lack of knowledge – Hosea 4:6. Infinite love

Helena R Edwards 
Mount Vernon, NY