Media houses should report with honesty
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October 15, 2019
Media houses should report with honesty

EDITOR: The media plays an important role in any nation. It is a major means of information to the public. It can destroy any administration and similarly, it can make any administration look good. Also it can improve or destroy the image of a country or nation.

Placing negative information, such as rape, murder, etc., on the front page of any media outlet can be damaging. Whereas, putting positive news on the front page can improve the image of the country.

We need, in this country, media that publishes information void of political bias. For when they publish things that are politically bias, the real news is sometimes missing. However, credit must be given to some media houses who give in-depth information that is balanced and void of political bias.

Media houses and journalists are very powerful. They have a duty to inform the nation without bias and also expose the issues and problems of the nation. It is sad that in this country media houses and journalists, with the exception of a few, have left much to be desired.

As we celebrate our Independence and as we begin the Independence month, I trust that media houses and journalists will report with honesty, truth and also let it be well researched. Let us not have copy cats.

Even as we watch International news, the evidence of bias can be seen. Thus it is not a Vinncentian thing, but a worldwide practice. Nevertheless, as patriotic Vincentians let the truth be known without bias and personal agendas.

Kennard King