Our Readers' Opinions
August 2, 2019
Road in urgent need of repair

EDITOR: BRAGSA has been busy these days patching roads and doing other jobs which are indeed necessary. It is commendable the work they are doing and for that we say thanks and we truly appreciate it.

However, I would like to appeal very much to those in charge to think seriously and make the effort to have the road at Murray’s Village from the junction at the back of Joyette’s Auto Body workshop right up to Bassy Alexander’s gate, fixed. That area is in serious need of repairs, some of the potholes are very large.

I have known of some who have refused to take their vehicles up in that area for fear of damage in the holes. I know that it will be argued that we must exercise patience, but it has been a long time now that the residents and vehicle owners have been patient.

I am certain that those in authority are aware of the situation, but one wonders why nothing has been done. I am therefore asking on behalf of those who use that piece of road to have it dealt with as soon as possible.

I take this opportunity to say thanks for your understanding and I look forward to have the road fixed as soon as possible. Of course, when it is done I am certain that it will be much appreciated.

Kennard King