CCJ – Just my take…
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November 13, 2018
CCJ – Just my take…

Editor: Each era has a legacy … those of us who went to school in the 60’s and 70’s were accustomed to GCE O Level and A level, the Cambridge and London University legacy. With the advent of the University of the West Indies we replaced GCE (and for good reason too) with CXC and CAPE, something the entire Caribbean is no doubt proud about, and as comedian Saluche (RIP) would say “Yuh suppose to clap fo dat!!!”

I wonder why it is

so difficult for Caribbean people to grasp the concept that we have the capacity and capability as anyone else on this planet to make correct decisions and to judge fairly based on fact and precedent? Why are we so ‘addicted’ to the ‘verdict’ from our colonial masters, the Privy Council (PC), who have less than diplomatically intimated that they are fed up with us.

The CCJ is equally poised, possesses the critical mass and has already assumed the responsibility of handling issues put before it. If we can move from GCE to CXC, why the resistance to move from PC to CCJ? It is also a proven fact the CCJ disposes of matters brought to it much faster than the PC, a service that is free to the appellant. Let’s create the legacy of our era … and be proud of it.

We still waiting?

Donald De Riggs