Cow menace!
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November 9, 2018
Cow menace!

Editor: Many years ago a former Prime Minister of one Caribbean country lamented the indignity of a certain kind of death when he said that prime ministers expect to be assassinated not killed by a cow!

The sad reality exists in St Vincent and the Grenadines that any citizen, resident, or visitor to the Island faces the strong possibility of being killed by a cow, not, thankfully now, on the airstrip itself, but on one of the most important pieces of road in this country leading to the Argyle International Airport, the Diamond road.

One young lady is already on record of having suffered the trauma of having a cow slam into her car as it emerged from the hillside and attempted to dash across the road. Needless to say that this resulted in thousands of dollars of damage which had to be borne by the young lady herself as on those very auspicious occasions it is usually impossible to find the owner of the cow. Thankfully the young lady wasn’t killed.

This is not an isolated case because many road users in that vicinity and beyond can attest to the terrors that animals pose on the Diamond road. One would think that the insensitive, illegal and insane parking at rum shops and barbecue spots which is very blatant would have been enough to cause our untimely deaths!

The situation is so grave that it pains me that it was expressed that perhaps not until one of the G 7s falls prey to cows or illegal parking would the authorities step up and look into this very serious issue.

It would indeed be a National disaster for our Prime Minister to be killed by a cow while commuting to and from our International Airport at Argyle or for any human being for that matter to lose his life in such a demeaning manner!

Let us get the small things right. Please help the cows to help us!

G. John