Those health clinics need to be addressed
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October 5, 2018
Those health clinics need to be addressed

Editor: While we recognize that because of our strangled economy, resources are scarce with which to address all the services that have been traditionally effectively addressed by our governments, there are some situations prevailing in the land, which seem to qualify to be labeled as evidence of “wutless neglect”.

High on the list of issues exemplifying this neglect is the compound of the ‘Belair Health Clinic’.

It is more than pitiable how this facility has been allowed to deteriorate so disgracefully. Administrator and Technocrats in the Ministries of Health and communications and Works, are accountable and inexcusably so. Yet also, the seeming indifference of the populace, particularly the educated ones, the leaders, is utterly pathetic when that ‘Belair Health Center’ was commissioned several decades ago, it delivered top of the line health care services it was the leading in the state.

Now the compound exudes neglect, so common to so many of our public properties, including the Grammar School, The Girls’ High School and the iconic Central Police Station.

It is a disgrace to see that even the 15 foot open drain, at the entrance to the clinic, has been left to deteriorate to such a degree, that vehicles taking patients to the clinic, experience difficulty going through/across that drain.

From the look of things that drain has not been serviced since the late ARTHUR WILLIAMS stopped representing that constituency in parliament, some decades ago. There certainly has been no correction to what prevailed, when I used to take my mother there as a patient over nine years ago.

Given our obvious shortage of resources, it would be reasonable to request the assistance of the Medical School which now owns the largest property in the area, and the run-off water from which, is channeled to that same drain which runs across the main entrance to the Belair Health Centre.

Because the drain has not been maintained for such a long period, it has negatively impacted the wall which encloses the property of the nearby primary school, on the students of which, the situation there must be having a negative environmental impact.

The relevant people should endeavor to have this perennial health issue addressed before the Xmas holiday season. I feel sure that the Medical School would welcome the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the enhancing of the environment in which they are important players.

We also need to address with urgency the compound of the MILTON CATO MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, and the territory which borders it. Broken windows lying at the back of the hospital building.

Where one can see drains which have not been cleaned for months. The naked untidiness of that drain at the side of road which leads to the cemetery, and which hugs closely the southern end of the hospital needs immediate attention.

The territory just bordering the Kingstown Clinic needs to be concreted to allow for easy cleaning and washing. That would positively impact the tidiness of the steps inside the hospital.

There are many hands around the town which could be engaged in those tasks, let us employ them!

Leroy Providence