Disappointed with service at Going Places (MoneyGram)
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September 21, 2018
Disappointed with service at Going Places (MoneyGram)

EDITOR: Permit me to share the displeasure I experienced on Monday, September 17, at Going Places Travel.

I turned up at that business place at approximately 3:38 p.m., before their stated time of closure. I would have done MoneyGram transactions in the past about that same time of day. I must note here, as well, that there is a sign on the door which states 4 p.m. as the closing time.

The door was locked. I looked for some sign stating an early closure, but there was none. I noticed persons waiting around so I did the same. Then the door opened and a customer exited the business place by the door held open by a guard. He hurriedly told us that the place was in fact closed.

I left and walked a few steps away. I called the number that I had memorised from the door and spoke to a female worker, who informed me that they were closed. I explained my dire financial situation, including the fact that I had 50 cents remaining in my purse, not enough money to pay for the return fare home. It all fell on uncaring, deaf ears. I asked to speak to a supervisor. i was left on hold for an extraordinarily long time… nobody came back on the line to speak to me.

I was left with no choice but to ask a friend for busfare home. 

I felt demoralised and dejected.

Sad, almost to tears. I took the bus home thinking all the way of the terrible customer service and the uncaring employee at Going Places Travel.

Is it such a hard thing to make an announcement via social media, radio, etc. about the change in hours of operation, or better yet, CHANGE THE SIGN.