Public service or public disservice?
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September 14, 2018
Public service or public disservice?

EDITOR: I enjoy the bread and baked goodies available at Randy’s bakery along ‘’hospital road”. Indeed this bakery has won a Best of SVG Award for the fine quality of its products.

However, the service meted out to customers in the sale of these products leaves a great deal to be desired. On more than one occasion I have spoken with the manager of this establishment about the absolute lack of order which obtains when customers are attempting to purchase goods. There is NEVER a line! Persons merely scream their orders over one another then scramble for the attention of the attendants. This means that persons jump off vans, dash and shout their orders above the heads of persons long struggling, grab the attention and service of the hapless workers then dash back out leaving the bemused strugglers to decide on their next move.

To me this chaos could be addressed easily. A corded or roped area demarcating a desired passage of customers towards the service area would allow customers to fall

in line and be served one after the other on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Having this organisation established is easy and inexpensive. What’s more, it would reduce the utter frustration with which persons like me leave that bakery vowing never to return. Please Randy, opt for service rather than disservice.