Homosexuality needs no discussions; It’s Wrong!
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September 14, 2018
Homosexuality needs no discussions; It’s Wrong!

EDITOR: Both Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves and Anglican Bishop Dr. Leopold Fridayhave been shying away from the discussion on gays. Well, as readers are aware, I have written several times on this subject.

I write, both as a citizen and as a Christian. In Romans 1: 26- 28 it is mentioned that when they knew God they did not retain him, but became rebellious, as a result God give them over to a reprobate mind and a mind of their own. Therefore it is clearly defined that this practice is one of a person who does not have God.

Being a gay is a choice and not, as some would say, genetic. If it is so, how come 40 to 50 years ago it was not prevalent? Is it that it is now genetic and not before? Let’s say, for argument sake, that there are some hormones problems, a person can choose not to practice homosexuality, or decide, come what may, I am not going down that road. So it all comes back to a matter of choice.

So, I wonder what discussion should there be concerning this lifestyle. The bible even says that it goes against the very nature of God. It cannot be compared to adultery or fornication as some would like to argue. That aforementioned sin carries different consequences. Homosexuality, according to the bible, is an abomination. Fornication and adultery are not classified as an abomination.

We need to be reminded that God destroyed an entire nation because of this abomination. Therefore under no circumstances can we support GAYS? However, there are human beings and are making their contributions. So we should not discriminate against them, but love them and treat them as God’s creations.

I do not support beating them and discriminating against them, but I do not support their lifestyle. I further add that we should never entertain any idea of legalising gay marriages. If we do we would invite the wrath of God upon this nation.

It is time that churches take a stand and condemn this lifestyle. It is further questionable if someone claims to be a Christian, and worse, a minister of the gospel, and practices this lifestyle. But those who are practicing gays be reminded that God loves you and is willing to forgive you.

I call upon us as a people not to entertain this practice. Let us condemn it and not embrace it. However, let us love them and treat as we would any other person. Let us continue to pray that we would never, in this country, see the legalizing of gay marriages.

Kennard King