Our Readers' Opinions
July 27, 2018

The following are comments that appeared on a story titled “Francis threatens to withhold payments to consultants of Nelson Mandela Highway” in the SEARCHLIGHT Midweek edition published on July 24, 2018.

Are we to believe the potholes are a design consultant issue, not a construction contractor issue? If so, tell us what was so different in the roadway design of this road compared to all the other in SVG filled with potholes. Seems like a deflection and blame passing to me.
– Mike David

I would like to know what was said in this statement that makes him wrong? To my understanding he is asking that the potholes on a recently completed highway be rectified before the balance of money be paid out. These pot holes open up long before the highway was completed. I think its necessary to withhold the money or the work would not be done. We are soo blinded by hatred that even when something make sense, it’s about who said it.
– Demo Charles

A nation of coward being lead by ravenous wolves. No one voted for you, but you have a say in the democracy of our country. Time to wake the hell up people and take back our country!
– Amaya Verdes

The following is a comment that appeared on a story titled “Transport minister defends renaming of South Leeward Highway” in the SEARCHLIGHT Midweek edition published on July 24, 2018.

The logic that they advancing to justify this renaming of Leeward Highway only makes sense to slightly stupid people. They are searching for a justification after the fact. They couldn’t positively come up with a sensible argument before doing this.
– G.G Billingy