When workers feel special they give of their best
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July 13, 2018
When workers feel special they give of their best

EDITOR: While we continue to bemoan the fact that there is a lack of good customer service in many businesses and institutions, we must admit that there are many good workers in the workplace. These workers would give 100 percent, and in some cases, more. But sad to say that in some cases they are not given the encouragement and recognition they deserve. We need to create a good working environment. With a good working environment production will increase and so too will profit.

In creating a good place to work, it is important that the workers are in a safe environment. They ought to feel comfortable and not stressed out.
Far too often employers don’t encourage their workers and treat them with scant respect. Maybe a nice word of encouragement every now and then is in order. A nice gift when it is someone’s birthday or anniversary. When the worker feels special he/she gives of his/her best and sometimes go beyond the call of duty.

In some cases many dedicated workers, who are performing well, never seem to please their employers. When this occurs there is resentment and an unwillingness to go beyond the call of duty. The worker would just do what they are supposed to do and nothing more. There is also a lack the confidence, since they feel that they can never satisfy their bosses. This lacklustre performance, of course, will affect production and profitability in the end.

In a healthy working environment there is trust, love and appreciation for each other. Of course we know that there are persons from varying backgrounds, but nothing is healthier than when the workers live as a family and appreciate each other. So it is important that each worker be given equal rights and shown appreciation.

Of course having said the above, we must be aware that there would always be the ones who will fail to perform despite how healthy the working environment is. These workers should be disciplined. You simply can’t let non-performers get away with being slackers, this would be grossly unfair to the dedicated, hardworking employees. Thus, a level playing field where justice and fairness prevails, must be the order of the day.
May we continue to have a productive SVG.

Kennard King