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July 6, 2018
Strengthen anti-death penalty movement

EDITOR: The St Vincent and the Grenadines Human Rights Association as part of its ongoing thrust to address Human Rights issues nationally and across the Eastern Caribbean, is teaming up with the World Coalition for Life, Greater Caribbean for Life and the European Union to develop and implement a project punned “building a platform for action: strengthening the anti-death penalty movement in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean”.

The project’s goal is to create a platform for Death Penalty Reform in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, with specific objectives to educate and inform opinion leaders and the general public over a three year period, about the death penalty as a human rights issue, as well as to build a strong civil society movement that will advocate for its abolition.

The project was rolled out in Barbados last weekend, with strategic representatives from each of the member states involved. The SVG Human Rights Association is informing that Civil Society Organisations wishing to be involved in the process are asked to contact its office at svghumanrights @gmail.com or call 784-456-2656 for further information reference application.

Jeanie Ollivierre Msc
SVG Human Rights Association