My nephew has family members  living in fear in our home
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July 3, 2018
My nephew has family members living in fear in our home

EDITOR: It is more then a growing concern about the rampant domestic violence that is happening. 

What is the role of the police when it comes to uttering death threats, or threats with a machete?

How many more women and children have to be verbally and emotionally abused? That is a form of control, abuse in itself.

There is more than just physical violence in domestic or family violence.

There is a vicious cycle, and many abusers use this to their advantage, because the abuser can carry on with the verbal threats as there is no physical violence… each time there is a blow up or an act of physical violence … it gets worse, so the next time the abuser decides to beat on someone, it simply gets worse with each time it occurs. 

My family is living in fear of a young man who is terrorizing them. The abuser is my nephew, who lives downstairs in the family home with his girlfriend. He has them afraid for their lives. They have been to the police, but the police cannot act due to no actual physical evidence. 

My nephew has beaten his cousin with a 2×4, he sought out my sister and beat her on the road near her place of work, and now he is carrying out with death threats, armed with a machete. He is also physically destroying personal property, unhinging doors, smashing modems, unplugging the current and main switch. His girlfriend is also a victim of his domestic violence … several times he has beaten her and burnt her clothes on several occations. 

What is it going to take for the police to stop him from killing one of my family members?  How can the police allow him to carry on with his verbal threats and personal property destruction?  This is more than heartbreaking and sad.  I have disgust for St. Vincent and the Grenadines Law when is comes to the protection of our women and children.  Our women are not disposable, they are our life-givers, the children are our future.

Worried for my family