We have to show more love and care to each other
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June 29, 2018
We have to show more love and care to each other

EDITOR: Suicide, while it is not alarming, the frequency is cause for concern. We can take comfort in the fact that it is only few occurrences. Be that as it may, it is important that it is addressed at an early stage.

We know that there are counsellors in many schools across this nation, likewise, there are other counsellors in the church and elsewhere, who can be of assistance. The problem, though, is that the victim feels there is no help and lacks the trust in anyone. He/she reaches a point where they think no one loves them and sees no hope in anything, and no reason for being alive.

The person becomes depressed, and sometimes it is hard to detect, because they hide their problems by trying to act and look normal. While, they may even choose to carry a smile and look pleasant, they are suffering inside. This removes suspicion, so when the person commits the act it then becomes a surprise.

Time will not permit to develop this topic in a more detailed way, however, it is important to note that in some cases it is due to abuse of various kinds, bullying and even where a person has lost hope due to many disappointments and failures. The social media and society can add to a person’s decision to take his/her own life. For social media and the society in which we live have been very unkind. We are a people who love to criticize rather than encourage, we pull down, rather than build up. We have developed this intolerance and lack of patience for each other that we talk about killing and taking revenge. This can put fear and a sense of hopelessness into the hearts of many .

When people feel unloved and unwanted, they may feel that they cannot please anyone, nor fit into society. They seem to live in a world all by themselves and no one really cares or understands. So they see themselves as useless and without hope, and some may resort to taking their own lives. We must also be conscious of the fact that in some cases it is demonic.

It is important that we build a strong family and develop good friendships with each other. We may think all is well when a person is really suffering. We have to stop and think, and even reach out to those persons who may be suffering. Let us be a forgiving people. For guilt can also lead to suicide. Let us be a loving people and stop this hatred and pull down mentally and replace it with love, encouragement and support. May we continue to pray for our children and the nation as a whole.

Kennard King