Our Readers' Opinions
May 22, 2018
Stop spilling concrete on the roads!

EDITOR: Is there anyone else out there who is concerned about the spilling of concrete on our road surfaces by ready-mix concrete providers?

We can see evidence of this throughout the state, and the newly surfaced South Leeward Highway is the latest victim.

Ready-mix concrete is not cheap in the minds of many, so it is baffling that providers seem not to be able to afford to implement a solution to prevent the spilling of concrete on our roads.

One solution may be to install a capping or catchment mechanism at the back of the trucks to trap spillage, and another solution, may be to simply fill the trucks to a manageable level, considering the tight corners and steepness of our roads. And if these measures fail, the affected areas should be cleaned up before the concrete hardens.

But whatever can be done, should be done, as doing nothing and allowing the status quo to continue is irresponsible.

A small developing country like St. Vincent and the Grenadines, with limited financial resources, cannot afford to allow the carelessness of a few private operators to quickly destroy what our people have sacrificed to achieve.