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May 22, 2018
Poor customer service continues to be a problem

EDITOR: Customer service continues to be of poor quality in this country, with the exception of some businesses and government departments.

It is often said that the government departments and ministries are the least customer service friendly.

Many would remark that they are amongst the worse in this country. This is however debatable. Amongst the slowest is FLOW.

This utility company seems to care very little for its customers. Sometimes it makes us wonder if they are delighted in seeing large crowds at their business place.

On any given day, the place is jammed with customers. Also, the customer service department is always busy with many complaints, yet it seems like it does not matter to management.There was an occasion where many senior citizens were in their designated line to pay bills, when suddenly, without a polite exit, the cashier got up and put up the close sign.

These persons where left without anyone replacing the cashier. This is indeed poor customer service. To add insult to injury, there were only two cashiers besides the one who was serving the senior citizens.

Fortunately, those persons in the senior citizens line decided to go to another cashier. Of course they were served and that became the senior citizens line. As a result, there was only one cashier serving the already long line of persons trying to pay bills.

If there were fewer complaints there would be fewer persons needed to serve the customers who have complaints.

FLOW is not the only company with poor customer service, there are others as well in this country.It is admirable the speed at which customers are served at VINLEC and CWSA. Indeed a leaf should be taken out of these utility companies books, when it comes to good customer service.

While there are others with good customer service in this country, companies in this country that offer good customer service.

But we all would agree that we have a long way to go, and we need to up our game in relation to customer service in this country.Kennard King