Our Readers' Opinions
May 10, 2018
Taking a stand against sexual offences

EDITOR: In recent times, we have been hearing of more persons being convicted of sexual offences than in previous years.

Sexual molestation and other sexual offenses are not anything new, but have been in existence for as long as I can remember.

However, what is different is the fact that, unlike previous years, laws have changed and persons are beginning to speak out. So unlike previous years, people are willing to speak up and there is more consciousness in this area.

What we have to take on board in these times is that soon our sins will find us out. These many cases that we are hearing about should serve as a warning to those who seem to take women for granted and consider them only as sex objects.It is important, as men, that we be careful of our lifestyle.

It is important that men be strong, swallow their pride and resist the temptation. It is also important that men respect women and realize that sex is not all there is to life.

It is time that men treat women with dignity.

Having, said that, some women are willing to sell their bodies for money and sometimes when things turn sour they cry foul.

I think it is time that women too take pride in themselves and have respect and dignity, by not allowing men to use them for their pleasure, in exchange for kindness and sometimes finances.It is time to get back to the bible and good moral values.

Let us put Christ back into our lives and homes and set a good example to our children with godly living.

Kennard King