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March 23, 2018
Is that the same Massy?

EDITOR: Some days ago I saw an advertisement on TV featuring some attractive young ladies with “rebellious” hairstyles, inviting viewers to participate in a sales promotion “Reach-out”, which offered participants free tickets and a $1,000 “spree money” to the lucky winners.

The advertisement informed that this was an offer from MASSY, when one spent xxxx dollars at MASSY.

An arrangement like that must have taken some effort to organize and certainly, winners would hardly have to be told that there are “no funds” set aside to meet the conditions of the prizes.

It makes me wonder, “is this the same MASSY who has been telling small farmers that they cannot be paid for the agricultural produce they had offered for sale to the company, because there was no petty cash?”

When one considers MASSY is one of the largest economic entities in SVG and the decision to purchase farmers’ produce is made several days beforehand, it has more than capacity to arrange a system that allows them to pay those small farmers when they present their goods. It is heartless, “wutless indifference”, to send those small farmers away empty-handed!

Massy ought to be aware of the difficulties with which these small farmers have been faced over an extended period: praedial larceny, terrible roads and “games playing” by the Ministry of Agriculture.

We are yet to see the commencement of “The Twenty Point 100 Days Plan,” where we were to see the planting of 250 acres of new bananas, commencing on April 18, 2016.

MASSY could play a role in alleviating the hardship!

Leroy Providence