Our Readers' Opinions
December 15, 2017
Equip prisoners for a better life when they leave the institution

EDITOR: Once again it is the time of year when many Vincentians look forward to the week of activities by the Prison. It is often referred to as Prison Week.

Talent behind the wall is indeed something to look forward to. The exhibition and the new initiative this year, where prisoners were involved in public speaking, are indeed commendable and the prison authority ought to be complimented.

We can never deny that much work and efforts are put into the rehabilitation of prisoners. Having said that, we recognize that no system or institution is perfect. Thus there will be flaws, weaknesses and areas that need improving. The many programmes offered can truly equip prisoners for a better life when they leave the institution. Sadly, though, many do not show interest in the programmes offered and are bent on continuing their wayward ways.

The prison authority must be complimented for their work and labour. For some it is a labour of love, since many are hardly compensated for the volume of work they do and the interest shown to rehabilitate the inmates. It is commendable that for seven days a week the gospel is allowed to be presented at both institutions. Sadly, however, in view of the fact that this is not compulsory, the vast majority of the inmates do not attend any of the services.

In the effort to rehabilitate, the academic side must not be neglected. It is rather unfortunate that most of the academic programmes are no longer done. It is highly likely that this area will eventually fade away if monies are not put into these programmes. I therefore call on the authorities to put money into adult education and other programmes within the prison.

May God continue to bless and guide the staff of these institutions. I take this opportunity to wish the editor and staff of Searchlight newspaper all the best for the season and sincerely thank them for allowing me to have my letters published. I want to wish all our readers prosperity and God’s blessings for the coming year. Let me wish each and every one a blessed Christmas and may God bless us all.

Kennard King