Our Readers' Opinions
October 26, 2017
There is hardly anything that we can call VINCY

EDITOR: It would seem that, as a people, we have become ‘copycats’ in many forms. There is hardly anything that we can call VINCY. Our style and form of dress is not our own. Most times, it is an adoption from something foreign. The hairstyles are also foreign. I wonder if our mentality is that nothing local is good and anything foreign is far better.

There are even DJs and other persons who try to speak like Jamaicans and not Vincentians. The very meals that we use on a daily basis are foreign. We can seldom get a local meal on a regular basis in our restaurants. Our local dish is not known to many and for some, using dialect is unacceptable in conversation.

How embarrassing it is when we hear our people trying to speak with a foreign accent and yet the grammar is wrong! Maybe in our minds we believe that when we speak like an American or English person then we are speaking standard English. This, we know, is not true. It is not the accent that makes English correct, but rather the correct grammar and pronunciation.

It is becoming a sickening sight to see the number of persons who carry tattoos all over their bodies and also numerous body piercings. This is just copying what is seen on television. However, in many cases, the tattoos are satanic images and sometimes the earrings too. No wonder we have so many evil spirits that manifest themselves amongst us in crimes of various forms. Sometimes you wonder what could drive a person to commit such hideous crimes. Indeed, the answer can only be the evil spirit from Satan.

As we celebrate our 38th year of Independence as a nation, let us take a closer look at the direction in which we are heading. Let us, as a people, seek to turn our lives over to the Lord Jesus Christ. Let the Spirit of God control us and not the spirit of demons.

Happy 38th Independence to SVG. May God bless this nation.

Kennard King