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September 1, 2017
The Greatest Tragedy

The greatest tragedy

Of life and love, has got to be

The infiltration of domestic violence within our society

But how could this epidemic silently Become catastrophic

When ‘Human Rights’ has
always been a dominant topic?

How could the family

And by extension the community

Live silently

While our daughters suffer physically, mentally

And emotionally

How could we ignore the harsh reality of domestic violence?

Condoning it with our silence?

The truth is, saying R.I.P

Has never hurt so immensely

As the thought of a woman

Losing her life, by the hands of the man

Who professed to love her unconditionally.


She has become 1 in 3 women who are victims of physical violence

And though the statistics are painfully alarming, the silence

About this human rights violation persist days after

The nation has buried one of its daughters

But what if this was your daughter


Cousin or friend

Would the tears, anger, frustration and the outcry for justice end?

Why then Have we not taken this pain and turned it into passion?

Why then

Have we not made a unified decision

To advocate for the review and implementation

Of laws to protect the women of our nation?