Our Readers' Opinions
June 23, 2017
We can’t change the world, but we can change a few people

EDITOR: The world will hardly ever be as peaceful and conducive for living as we imagine or hope for it to be. Therefore, changing the world will continue to be exactly what it ought to be: ‘A Utopian Dream!’

We’d continually need to readjust ourselves to cohabit with fraudsters, terrorists, kidnappers, armed robbers, rapists, domestic abusers, corrupt politicians, extortionist preachers, promoters of gender discrimination, religious/cultural extremists and other variety of criminals we can’t seem to get rid of, since humans aren’t wired to live alone. I guess that’s one heck of a price we must pay for companionship!

To the few hopefuls (among which I belong) who nurse huge ambitions of changing certain aspects of the world through ideological reforms, it begins with the courageous decision to confront the status quo. Well, a great decision I must admit, but it will be quite naïve to think that the world would hurriedly plunge itself into sober reflection in an attempt to change, just because we said so.

On the brighter side, while we take heavy blows of criticism from conservatives who either constructively disagree with us or simply hate our guts, we may have gotten a few other people nodding along in agreement.

Confronting the political or religious status quo, as well as its cultural and ideological cousins, will assuredly hit some nerves, but the courage to stand firm in our belief for change can’t afford to cower in fright or defeat because no one seems to agree. Two, three or more people out of a disagreeing multitude could be slowly catching up on our thoughts and that’s quite an impact!

We can’t change the entire world for the better, but maybe the few people we reach out to, who likewise, reciprocate to other people, can have a good shot at it!

Nimi Princewill