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June 23, 2017
NDP’s greatest enemy is itself

EDITOR: The New Democratic Party’s (NDP) greatest enemy is itself. Why I say so? Let’s look at it with an open mind. While they accuse Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves of being a dictator, they would pull down, curse and make hurtful remarks at anyone who dares oppose them, or be critical of them.

Even amongst members in the top brass and radio talk show hosts, each would have different views, so that one is left to wonder where they stand. They always seem to portray hatred, not love and embracing. They don’t try to win others over, but rather would hate them or slander them. This is indeed a recipe for failure.

Come to think of it, how laughable is it that leading spokespersons for the NDP would proclaim that the reason why Parliament was postponed to recently, was because RALPH GONSALVES doesn’t want to answer the question of accountability. How foolish is that, when the same questions would be asked when Parliament meets a few days later. Indeed NDP’s greatest enemy is itself.

Until the party becomes organized and has a clear idea to present to the populace of its way forward, they would always remain in opposition. Also until they themselves learn to love and not hate, even its own members who may see things differently, they would remain losers.

NDP needs to give proper representation. Their members need to oppose with quality, by giving facts and not spreading propaganda. They need to show how things can be done better.

It was a foolish mistake by the party not to select St Clair Leacock as president of the party. In my humble opinion, he is the only one who understands politics and representation. But that was their choice and they will regret. Thus, I say again that, NDP is its greatest enemy.

Political observer