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May 30, 2017
Are Vincentians satisfied with Dr Gonsalves as PM?

EDITOR: Dr Ralph Gonsalves, the current Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, became Prime Minister at a time when we had difficulties with our country’s development.

Today, we find that our country is still facing problems with development and this leads me to ask the question – Are Vincentians satisfied with Dr Gonsalves as the Prime Minister? My honest opinion is “yes”, simply because he was re-elected as a leader of the ULP and Prime Minister for four consecutive terms. As of late, I’ve been getting the impression that most Vincentians are saying it’s time for a change. I also think that Dr Gonsalves realizes that his leadership is losing its grip.

There is no doubt in my mind that a replacement for Dr Gonsalves is imminent; the question that is puzzling me is who will be the replacement. Before Camillo Gonsalves came into active politics, Mr Saboto Caesar was the person to replace Dr Gonsalves, but some Vincentians are saying since the Prime Minister’s son came into politics Caesar seems to show a lack of interest. When one hears Dr Gonsalves speak, it’s all about Saboto Caesar and Camillo Gonsalves, here, there and everywhere. Vincentians, don’t be fooled by Dr Gonsalves’ sweet talk about Saboto Caesar.

The question one must ask themselves is what organization Dr Gonsalves was a part of before he became Prime Minister? Think about that!

Dr Gonsalves once said Mr Rose, Mr John and Mr Beache didn’t possess the ability to lead him and that’s why he became the leader of the ULP. It seems obvious that Dr Gonsalves is designing who he wants to take over from him and clearly it is his son, Camillo.

Whenever the change in the ULP leadership occurs, persons like Elson Crick, Hans King, Frank DaSilva, Julian Francis, Glen Ballah, Noel Jackson and persons who worship Dr Gonsalves would be disregarded and pushed aside; then they would realize that they were only being used.

Not straying from the topic, but there are some other questions I need to ask: Why is the ULP leadership allowing Frank DaSilva to attack Mr Jomo Thomas? Why is Stephen Joachim so quiet? What, or who, is he so afraid of? I could never have imagined that the ULP would use DaSilva as their mouthpiece. He gives the impression that the Prime Minister agrees with his style of destroying anyone who dares to talk about the ULP and its policies.

All of a sudden, DaSilva thinks he knows everything and the Prime Minister is buying in and sending the fool a little further. A few years ago DaSilva told us that Dr Gonsalves is not good for St Vincent and the Grenadines; today, he is saying that Dr Gonsalves’ son should lead us after he leaves office. I am hoping Vincentians and ULP supporters would allow Camillo to develop… it took his father 40 years to become Prime Minister. The question is, do Vincentians think that Camillo is ready to lead? He first has to demonstrate his worth in opposition; being the prime

minister is a big job and I am of the opinion that Camillo isn’t ready for this job.

After the 2020 general elections, the ULP would have to rebuild their party. Dr Gonsalves would then have to rid himself and the ULP of persons who currently speak on their behalf. I am hoping that Camillo recognizes their failure and says to them that they are a waste of time. Vincentians called for a change from Mr Eustace and they got it; that change, in terms of leadership, is also expected in the ULP, but it must not be young Gonsalves. Let me remind Camillo that his father said a good quality of leadership is to love poor people and I am not sure if he has demonstrated that quality. Let him develop first; don’t rush it; he’s just not ready yet!

Alfred Bernard