Our Readers' Opinions
May 26, 2017
An open letter to CXC

Dear Chairman,

We are mindful of the ever-present and increasing threats of terrorist activity around the world. It is not a localized phenomenon.

The world is again in mourning after the May 22 terrorist attack at Manchester Arena in the UK, which claimed the lives of many and injured many more.

I found an interesting caption on my MSN page that read: “Woman hailed ‘hero’ for leading ’50 teens’ to safety after blast”.

It was that headline, along with the bomb blast, that moved me to pen this letter.

I am advocating strongly that First Aid/Survival Aid be made a distinct course of study on CXC’s curriculum and that the subject be a mandatory examination, particularly at CSEC level.

In this subject, our students would study the threats, dangers and the diverse nature of natural and man-made acts of terror and how they are to proceed, act and respond in terms of safety, first aid and survival methods, both for themselves and whomever they are able to give succour to in such dastardly and dire instances of terror, as well as how they are to spot, detect and respond with respect to relaying information to the authorities and relevant persons.

Furthermore, these are changing times. Our system of education is sounding the clarion for us to reflect change beyond the normalized social settings and requirements for employment, and prepare the students for the ‘outer’ real world with ready and practical knowledge of survival.

I am strongly calling on us to lead the way in education pioneering. For the only enduring legacy your organization can give our students is an educated and practical mind to survive in an ever changing world into the future.

Rodcliff Noel