Our Readers' Opinions
April 28, 2017
Let’s make SVG a peaceful place

EDITOR: Policing and police work can in these days and times be challenging. It is indeed good news to learn that action will be taken against vans that play loud and lewd music. This is commendable and we must give the police full support in carrying out their duties in this respect.

Excessive speeding must also be dealt with. Having said that, it can be a difficult job for the police to effectively determine excessive speeds by vehicles without the necessary equipment. I would also recommend the placing of cameras at different points, especially in areas with reputations for serious crimes. I know this will not solve the problems completely, but it will help in its reduction.

Purchasing this equipment will be expensive, but it is necessary. With such equipment, police can monitor not only vehicles that speed, but also persons who recklessly discharge guns and commit crimes.

Police patrols can be placed in many areas to control the playing of excessively loud and lewd music in vehicles.

Let us have a peaceful and loving SVG. Let us cooperate with the authorities and put aside our personal party politics for the good of this nation and for all of us.

Kennard King