Our Readers' Opinions
February 28, 2017
Let us all, as Vincentians, help keep SVG clean

Editor: As we seek to move on as a nation and go a step higher in our development, tourism is very important. While we all would agree that the coming on stream of the Argyle International Airport would boost our tourism, there are some small things that need to be addressed. If these are taken for granted, it can seriously affect our tourism. We know that we are given more attention than before and are placed more in the microscope.

The unpleasant stench that comes from certain areas in Kingstown can tarnish the good name of this country and can give a negative image to SVG. It is so sad that just at the corner of the Geest shed entrance, opposite Budgmart, as you pass by you are greeted with a very unpleasant stench from people’s urine. This is indeed very bad, considering also that tourists frequently pass that side on their way from the wharf. If you look closely you will see actual puddles of urine on the ground. This is indeed unacceptable, not only for tourists, but for the cleanliness of the town and our own health.

I know that there are not many washrooms available in that part of the town, but for heaven’s sake we can conduct ourselves much better than that. I realize that more washrooms are needed in Kingstown. I recognize that there is a cost involved, so nothing is wrong in charging for the use and upkeep of the washrooms. In many countries across the Caribbean and beyond there are not many washrooms, yet that scent is not present.

I know that many Vincentians would object to the charging of a user fee for the washrooms, but will go abroad and pay for the usage of such facility. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend more washrooms in Kingstown. When that facility is placed at several points then persons should be charged for publicly urinating in those public places. Of course, you cannot do that abroad.

Another area of concern is garbage disposal. If you travel through Cane Garden and go around by the former ET Joshua Airport fencing at Sion Hill, just before the corner to the recently opened playground opposite Courts, you will be greeted with a “foul” scent coming from garbage that is disposed of. It is not only unsightly, but unhealthy, for most of the time it carries a foul scent which can be dangerous. Also, it can harbour flies and other unhealthy creatures. Sometimes, it is not just plastic bags and bottles, but females’ stuff and I would want to believe, filth.

This practice poses a health hazard and would be a detractor for tourism, as it would give a negative image to this country. We know that the solid waste truck comes around to collect garbage and also there are garbage bins in many locations, yet we still resort to such an unhealthy practice.

I know that it would be hard to police the aforementioned and we are aware that it is not a lack of education, but just plain downright worthlessness by many of us. Let us, as Vincentians, have some pride in ourselves and let us treat our country with respect and be proud Vincies. It is time we take pride in ourselves and our country. Let us keep SVG clean.

Kennard King