Our Readers' Opinions
February 17, 2017
Customer service in SVG continues to be a big problem

Editor: Customer service is indeed a big problem in this country. A business can thrive or fall, depending on the customer service that is being offered. It is not the managers or supervisors that the customer first meets, but the workers.

Not only in businesses there is poor customer service, but also at some schools and offices. This is indeed very discouraging to encounter such poor service upon entering a business place, office or school. It is very important that as we seek to move forward as a nation that there be an improvement in services.

Most times, poor customer service is a result of poor home training by individuals. When proper training and guidance are not given in the home, it affects the children, who are then employed in the workplace and display what they are accustomed to in the home: the lack of politeness and not knowing how to speak to people, coupled with the lack of care and concern for those whom they are supposed to serve.

Some persons, on the other hand, bring to their workplace their personal problems encountered at home. They allow this situation to affect their performance and service to others. When this occurs it is a sign of immaturity in dealing with issues and getting over your own personal issues.

In some cases, some persons allow politics to prevent them from giving good service to customers and also from performing tasks effectively. This should never be. There are workers who don’t care about others and about giving good services, since they are seemingly protected by politicians. There are also a cases where they give the impression that they are untouchable because, in their own words, they campaigned for the party and so if they are fired, they would campaign against the party. Whereas, there is the case where some, who are not supporters of the Government, would fail to give good service. Sometimes they are allowed to continue, since if they are fired, it would be labelled as victimization.

All in all, as we seek to move forward as a nation, it is important that we improve our customer service at all levels, especially at the airport and government offices. With the desire to improve and the willingness to do better, we can improve our customer service.

Kennard King