Our Readers' Opinions
January 17, 2017
Are you a motor enthusiast?

(With a view for young readers)

Editor: Have you ever been in that position where your mind and body become completely focused? Every single problem that you have in life temporarily fades into non-existence. You feel as if you have connected with the roar of your engine and the agility of your vehicle. The only thing you can think about is to constantly be better. You must go faster, be in complete control and what only matters is that very moment!

Have you ever been sad or been to the point of tears and hear or see a car or bike go by and almost instantly feel a little better? If you have, then, you are a motor enthusiast! You are that car guy! You are that car girl! No matter what your age or knowledge of the motor industry is.

“But I am not sure if this is for me.” Let me get scientific with you for a second. I want you to think of your brain as a big computer or CPU, if you will. Now, as a computer, you are programmed to know what is good for you, what works for you. Anything else that doesn’t work or is harmful to you triggers an alert that something is wrong.

The same thing applies to human beings. If something is not for us, our brain tells us to stop and stay away. Please do not confuse your brain warning you to be careful when it says stay away, because in any new experience there is some measure of fear that comes with it, because your brain is learning something new. It is just warning you to take your time to learn in a safe controlled manner.

“Can I afford it?” This is something many of us question ourselves about. We weigh our responsibilities and what we ought to do with what we really want to do. The answer to this can be found in many different questions that you can ask yourself, such as: How badly do I need it? Am I willing to make sacrifices to obtain it? Am I committed enough to make a plan for months or even years and to stick to it? Can I make a budget and stick it? etc.

Remember you have one life to live; never tell yourself you can’t achieve something. Leave that for people who do not believe in themselves.

“Do I know enough about it?” In order to bring the best out of anything that you aspire to you must learn about the different ways it can be done, what other people have tried and failed or succeeded at. Research, research, research. I cannot stress this enough because at the end of the day the only person that can get you that fast car or bike you always wanted, the only person who can achieve the lifestyle you always wanted is YOU!

That project car or bike you want is something that takes time, love, energy, money and most importantly, patience. It makes you dig deep within yourself and makes you question whether you really love what it is you say you love? Do I really loving racing? Do I really love cars or bikes or trucks? Is all of this really worth it?

These are just some of the questions you will ask yourself and the only person who can answer these questions is you.

I am here to tell you, YOU CAN! But, it won’t happen without some struggle. So, reach out! Go for your dream!

Kamal Bacchus