Our Readers' Opinions
January 13, 2017
Artistes, make God smile!

Editor: As adults, we often complain about the behaviour of the young generation. But as I heard a recent song that a local, well respected soca artiste sang, can we fully blame the youths for their behaviour? The song is so raw in its description of two persons having sex, describing their private parts and so on. There are other artistes who also sing disgraceful songs. How can we then teach youths about responsible sexual behaviour? More often than not, youths tend to adopt the negative nonsense promoted in the degrading songs. We ask: what’s really wrong with those artistes who sing such songs? Whey do dem? We know that despicable songs are also being sung globally, but that does not mean that we have to follow their bad example. Do we imagine how much the devil smiles as he hears those immoral songs? Why should we allow the devil to mislead us, making him happy? Revelation 12:9. On the other hand, can these artistes promote positive behaviour by expressing wholesome thoughts in their songs? Philippians 4: 8. Can they put a smile on God’s face? Therefore, I call on ALL local artistes to improve their lyrics where needed. You can have good melody still with upbuilding lyrics, based on things like improving family life, honesty, promoting a clean environment etc. Make God happy! Yes, make him smile! Proverbs 27: 11.