Our Readers' Opinions
December 30, 2016
Stop burning plastics, synthetic materials

Editor: Seasons Greetings!

Could you kindly address in your organization the burning issue of the dangers of burning plastics and synthetic materials in our neighborhoods. For three nights now different neighbours have been given to burning these materials and causing the emission of carcinogenic dioxin and other poisons. This is done despite gentle persuasion to desist from doing so and the availability of excellent garbage pick up service.{{more}} Reports to the police get nowhere, as apparently there is no law prohibiting this practice.

Some relevant questions are:

Who lets these materials into our country?

Do these materials arrive with instructions for their safe disposal?

Can we avoid using them altogether?

I await your response in your research, journals, papers, pulpit, discussions, talk shows, laws, regulations, and any other relevant media.

Anthony Stewart, PhD

Gardenfield, Union Island