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December 6, 2016
We have to be better prepared for these weather systems

Editor: Tuesday, November 29, 2016 will be remembered by many residents of the fishing village of Rose Bank in the North Leeward constituency, as it brought back memories of December 24 to 25, 2013. On that fatal occasion a family of five lost their lives; thankfully however, this time around, the trough system was not as severe as 2013, but similar in quantity and physical destructionl; fortunately did less damage, but almost close to what happened in 2013.{{more}}

The lightning that was seen early in the wee hours of November 29 were scary and resembled that of the previous mentioned occasion. On this occasion there were landslides of various magnitude and in different locations. The streets in some areas were blocked with debris from overflowing drains and debris from landslides, thus making them impassable for vehicular traffic.

This trough had similarities, with that of 2013, in that the rains started in the wee hours of the morning when many were asleep. However, God is good in that no lives were lost, but damage was done to some homes.

These floods and landslides exposed the softness of the banks in many areas and poor drainage in some, coupled with bad practices of garbage disposal.

What is for certain is that North Leeward was cut off from the rest of the country because of road blocks in many areas, thus underscoring the need for a bypass road and having a front end loader stationed in North Leeward. This will aid in quicker clearing of the roads, thus making it passable to vehicular traffic.

To God be the glory there is no knowledge of the need for the ambulance to transport a patient urgently to Kingstown, for this will certainly was not possible. That patient would have had to be transported via a boat, which, in this weather, is a high risk. Indeed there is much to give God thanks for.

All in all, we as citizens are thankful for God’s mercies and his kindness towards us. There is indeed much to thank God for. As a people, it is time we give reverence to the Almighty God and turn our lives over to him.

Kennard King