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November 25, 2016
We need to take responsibility as ‘concerned neighbours’ in our society

Editor: The recent killings in which Jurani Baptiste is a person of interest shocked and stunned our community and yet if we go beyond our emotional shock and grieve, we will more easily understand how this could happen, and be able to manage such phenomena.{{more}}

Most of our young males feed on and store music, images and other digital content, which are full of toxic violence that promotes aggressive and destructive identities.

In those whose mental capabilities are already weakened, this can give rise to the explosion of subconscious rage.

Is it not wise for us to examine the causes of such ruthlessness?

And should we not as “concerned neighbours,” take the responsibility for this present state of violence and how we manage it from here on.

Although parents have the excess of parenting responsibilities, we cannot forget that it takes the whole society to mould the upcoming generation. We all need to examine ourselves and see where we, as individuals, have fallen short. The youths of our nation are crying out for help, but we ignore the signs until they have exploded, which, of course, by then is too late.