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November 18, 2016
Dogs on the prowl for Christmas

EDITOR: Dogs are on the prowl once again, killing animals and depriving families and farmers of much needed meat for the Christmas season. The strange thing about these dogs is that they are not stray dogs. Some of them are the pets that we have in our yards. Once they get company and they go on the prowl, in the night mainly, they will attack the animals, target their feet and their throat. After they overcome their prey, they will then start eating away the flesh.{{more}}

A number of persons in the Green Hill community have lost their animals, including chickens, to these dogs on the rampage. One resident who cared for his three goats since 2013 and had big plans for them in December of this year, woke up on Wednesday morning, during the week of the rains which flooded Kingstown and other areas, to discover that all three goats had been attacked and killed by dogs, some of which were identified by persons who saw them coming from the area where the goats were tied.

Persons who have animals are ask to look out for these dogs and to keep them close, especially at night.

Carlos Williams