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November 15, 2016
Who will replace Dr Ralph Gonsalves as leader of the ULP?

Editor: Listening to Dr Gonsalves lately has been very interesting.

Before Dr Gonsalves became the Prime Minister, I told persons to give him a chance, as he could do a good job and that was my honest opinion. One may question Vincentians’ thoughts on Dr Gonsalves; winning four terms as leader of the ULP speaks volumes.{{more}} Could you imagine Dr Gonsalves once said all he wanted was two terms as Prime Minister, but after gaining the position of Prime Minister, he is now in his fourth term, and lately he has been hinting that there should be a change in the leadership of the ULP?

Before Camillo Gon­salves became a senator, Vincentians were saying Saboto Caesar should replace Dr Gonsalves. Let’s face it; while Saboto Caesar is qualified, he lacks the depth that is required to be a leader and he keeps distracting himself from the conversation about leadership of the ULP. Sometimes I wonder if he feels threatened by Camillo Gonsalves simply because Camillo is Dr Gonsalves’ son.

In speaking about leadership change in the ULP, Dr Gonsalves has mentioned Ces Mc Kie, Jimmy Prince, Saboto Caesar, Frederick Stephenson and Camillo Gonsalves; but if one pays close attention, I get the impression that he is saying the face of the ULP has to be a Gonsalves to ensure success of the party.

Camillo Gonsalves, as a former senator, now an elected parliamentarian and the Minister of Economic Planning, is well placed to replace Dr Gonsalves as leader of the ULP and potentially become Prime Minister.

Do you honestly think that when Dr Gonsalves suggests his son to be leader of the ULP the executive members would say no? They love him way too much to say no. Let’s face it, the other elected parliamentarians lack the depth that is required, so we are stuck with Camillo Gonsalves. Many persons are of the belief that they would be better off if a Gonsalves is leader of the ULP. Some Vincentians are saying that Dr Gonsalves will have his way regardless, but Vincentians need to ask the question about what organizations Dr Gonsalves has been linked with.

To be a good leader one must first learn to be led, but one thing I can tell you is Camillo Gonsalves is not prepared to be led. But Dr Gonsalves’ plan is to let Camillo become the leader to ensure the survival of the ULP. Vincentians should pay close attention to my writing, because one day they will say I told them so. Anyway, I gone!

Kingsley DeFreitas