Our Readers' Opinions
November 15, 2016
Nothing will be the same!

Editor: My name is Maurice John Jr and I am extremely passionate about technology. This passion, cultivated at the St Vincent Boys Grammar School, has led me to this point — the beginning of something truly amazing that will shake the very foundation of what is considered normal in St Vincent and the Grenadines and the wider Caribbean. Information Technology (IT) is the fuel that drives innovation in this world; every segment of our lives has been touched by its advancement.{{more}} From the basic toothbrush to complex weather tracking, IT has been the faithful steward of this grand march forward.

In 2015, I predicted the next great technological shift would have been Artificial Intelligence (AI). In preparation for this next shift, I gazed upon the current technological market in St Vincent. I was worried by the things I saw. There are still businesses in St Vincent that do not believe in having even a basic website. By contrast, the world has pivoted from the web onto the mobile app boom. This app boom is over, the market is now saturated and the next great technological leap is being keyed up. We are living in the embryonic stage of AI. I refuse to be fed by first world countries that dictate how technology is shaped. I want a seat at the next big shift, not the reflection of its saturation.

What do you get when you mix excellent customer service, a multi-screen software platform, AI and immersive media content? CaribiDreams. The concept for this amalgamation of ideas started during a meeting of friends from our various islands during our days at the University of the West Indies (Cavehill Campus). This discussion centered around having a unifying platform that allowed us to work together, despite our geographical differences. Legal Services, Real Estate, Construction and Travel: four pillars on which the CaribiDreams platform will sit.

On December 5, the curtains will be pulled back and we will begin this journey. CaribiDreams will push the boundary in our four focus pillars (Legal, Construction, Real Estate, Travel). On November 30th, I will share the live stream link to witness this great leap. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Maurice John Jr