Our Readers' Opinions
November 11, 2016
No, you don’t know me!

Editor: Let me for the sake of convenience say, that if I wanted to leave any location in St Vincent and the Grenadines to go to another location, and that I would need 10 bucks ($10) and I did not have that 10 bucks, but instead I was given a politician. Would that be enough to take me to my destination?

1979 to 2016 – 37 years of Independence, Vincentians for the most part are a gross embrace of everything other than a vision that “Economic Independence” is the birthplace of Independence.{{more}} The many others come naturally. The solution to any problem is accomplished when we dig at the root, not hacking the leaves.

Implicit in the above is the fact that historically, we were educated and still are – to be proficient employees.

The late Lambert Eustace (Later Sir Lambert ) was rebuked for taking the senior boys of the Grammar School (when he was a master) to expose them to manufacturing at his place at Old Montrose. He was told ‘the boys are our future leaders – they are not supposed to use their hands!’

Sixty-five years after adult suffrage in St Vincent and the Grenadines, the slaves have a long distance to becoming the master.


This piece of earth on which we are all standing has economic possibilities beyond imagination from our land and sea. All that is missing is the PEOPLE . Every journey starts with the first step – we have a decision to make. Time waits for no one.

Stanley Quammie