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November 8, 2016
It has been a very interesting US election

Editor: As Vincentians and other Caribbean born US citizens join other Americans on Tuesday to vote for a new president, it seems as if dark clouds, very dark clouds, surround the elections. Commentators describe it as the most unusual election in the history of the United States, since both candidates are under the radar for wrongdoings and even felony.{{more}}

Former secretary of state, first lady and senator Hillary Clinton is being accused of a series of offences, including perjury, corruption, email scandal, allegations of “blood” money for the Clinton Foundation, and others, which prompted the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), as well as the Department of Justice, to launch massive investigations against her and on the other hand her contender, billionaire Donald Trump, is being accused of tax evasion, sexual offences, his attack on Mexicans and Latinos, his boastful and arrogant attitude, not to mention some shady business transactions.

Hundreds of thousands of Caribbean nationals are US citizens. Most of them have supported the Democrats in the past, but according to reports, some of the ardent Democrats are reluctant to cast their votes in Hillary’s favour, and will not support Trump either. This means that the turnout might be low.

The situation is so fluid and tense that commentators are wondering whether, should Hillary win the election and be later indicted, before or after her swearing in, it will create a constitutional crisis; some even predict that the vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine might have to take over as commander-in-chief, early or in the middle of the term. Kaine has not impressed the electorate, but his opposite Mike Pence is a favourite and some feel that he should have been the Republican candidate instead of Trump.

The race is a tight one and might have a nail-biting finish, with the Donald, who was way behind two weeks ago, now neck and neck, following reports of the FBI investigations and the thousands of Wikileaks revelations about the Clinton Foundation, as well as the bleached emails. On the other hand, the question is asked whether, if Trump wins, there might be a conflict of interest with his numerous billion dollar corporations.

Very interesting. we will have to wait and see.

Oscar Ramjeet