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October 18, 2016
‘King of the Dirt,’ a great racing event

Editor: Let me begin by commending the SVGAA for making history in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) by hosting its first ever ‘King of the Dirt’ event.

Despite facing many obstacles such as rain, late entries, etc, they were still able to pull off a great show filled with laughter, as the MC comically described the trials of the drivers who traversed the hurdles such as the dug out mud pits, sand pits, poll and hill climbs; the spectators were entertained as many of the vehicles jumped into the air!{{more}}

This event was really and truly not one be missed. The music provided by the very skillful DJ played a valuable hand in keeping the crowd entertained during the long periods of intermission, when the tractor had to pull and sometimes even dig vehicles out of the dirt pits. Many of the tracks played were songs I myself have not heard in a long time, which I think not only myself, but others enjoyed as well.

I would personally like to commend all drivers who participated with their own personal and purpose built vehicles. As we all know, motorsports in SVG is presently more for enjoyment than it is for gain and it certainly is not easy for them to compete unsponsored and out of their own pockets.

It appears that everyone was there to have fun. There was no complaining that the races were unfair, due to differences in power of the competing vehicles, or being all-wheel or two-wheel vehicles. The crowd did not complain, even though there was lots of rain with nowhere to shelter, or when the sun set before all events could be completed; why? Because it was a satisfying and entertaining day with the SVGAA at the Diamond Estate bay.

SVGAA’s King of the Dirt event has succeeded in inspiring me to take action to prepare myself to enter the next event and more, in the future. I hope anyone who was there or who is reading this article who feels the same way as I do would do likewise, and help to grow this or other forms of motorsports in SVG.

Last, but not least, I would like to send special thanks to Rebecca of Roco 4×4 who travelled all the way from Miami, Florida, as a guest to participate with her off road 4×4 Range Rover, showing that not only men, but women as well, can compete in an off-road dirt event and drive with the best of them.

A few suggestions I would just like to give to the SVGAA for the next event would be to please make it more clear where the event is being held, for not only did I have trouble finding the venue for the event, I almost went home thinking it was not happening, and many people I spoke to said the same thing. I think placing directional/ promotional signs could be a big help in this area. Also, I think it would be good for the SVGAA to invest or try to obtain sponsorship for mobile stands that could be set up at all events where people will at least be able to sit. Finally, more tents should be provided for shelter from the sun, but mostly in the event of rain!

This article was in no way sponsored by the SVGAA or affiliated entities!

Kamal Bacchus-Browne