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October 18, 2016
Flow, stop blocking the channels I am paying for!

Editor: I have, for some time now, been paying formerly Karib Cable and now Flow for a complete Sports package, mainly so I could view English Premiership Football.

In the recent past, I have noted that Flow has added some channels showing the EPL, which are not available to me or other viewers. When this happens, NBCSN (Channel 454), which shows the EPL, is blocked.{{more}}

As part of my contractual arrangement with you, I PAY for Channel 454 and it is my opinion that you are not allowed to deny me this Channel just so that you can force me to pay more money for your own channels. In my further opinion, FLOW is abusing its dominant position as a monopoly by overcharging customers and instituting these iniquitous changes to its service.

I therefore demand that you immediately stop blocking channels that I am paying for and that you make the new channels part of the whole sports package that I signed up for, which included the EPL.

I look forward to your positive response within seven days. If I do not have a favourable response, you may be sure that I will take this further, not least by publicizing this abuse of your monopolistic position. As a start, I am copying this letter to the Editor of Searchlight, a newspaper that has in the past raised concerns of your company’s corporate misbehaviour, most recently with your coverage (or lack therof) of the Olympics.

Margaret Hughes Ferrari