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October 4, 2016
SVG is a country of laws; who don’t hear must feel

Editor: The laws of St Vincent and the Grenadines are guidelines for Vincentians and non-nationals to abide by, but in recent times I’ve noticed that Vincentians are becoming extremely lawless. Let’s begin with the omnibus drivers.{{more}}

Some of them think that they are the law and choose not to abide by the laws of our roads. It’s very frightening to witness their behaviour on our roads; they totally neglect the fact that they are responsible for the lives of their passengers. On many occasions we see these drivers with alcoholic drinks while driving and that is a very dangerous thing to do.

The lewd and loud levels of music that are being played by these omnibuses should be stopped; more needs to be done about these reckless and lawless van drivers before another Rock Gutter incident occurs.

Those persons who refer to themselves as radio talk show hosts, especially those on Nice Radio, are most times very misleading and they give the impression that things are at their worst in St Vincent and the Grenadines. No wonder they are before the court so often; that’s the one reason why I supported the Cybercrime Bill, so these talk show hosts will engage their brains before they open their mouths.

Those Vincentians who use the roads and pedestrian crossings always think that they have the absolute right, and that’s not true; it’s a give and take situation. If we do what is correct, we would lower the accident rate in our country. Pedestrians need to use crossings with sensitivity and follow instructions given by traffic officers who are usually stationed at these pedestrian crossings.

Another situation that has a very negative impact on St Vincent and the Grenadines is the excess amount of drinking of alcohol drinks and the smoking of marijuana, especially in the Heritage Square area. Can you imagine that smoking marijuana has become a part-time habit in the country? At times I wonder where is the law and order in Heritage Square?

What is this country becoming? It’s very alarming that out country is becoming so lawless, integrity and values have completely vanished; what a shame!

I want to use this opportunity to support the Physical Planning Department on taking the necessary actions against persons who are knowingly breaking the law when constructing a building. As a Vincentian who travels around St Vincent and the Grenadines, it’s very surprising to see where persons build houses, restaurants, mechanic shops and other business places. It’s time for us to put some order in place in terms of where persons build structures to do business.

This country is one of laws and all should abide, whether poor, rich, who don’t support, who support, all should abide. Someone recently asked me what are my thoughts on what took place with the restaurants in Arnos Vale. My opinion simply is, Vincentians were complaining about the extreme discomfort caused by the operation of those two restaurants and I think it was due time that the Physical Planning Department took action and what was done should have happened a long time ago. We can’t encourage persons to do anything they feel like; they must abide by the laws set by the Physical Planning Department. Remember the saying “who don’t hear must feel”!

I gone.

Kingsley DeFreitas