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September 20, 2016
The Bible does not support the ‘GAY lifestyle’

EDITOR: There continues to be much debate and discussions on the topic of GAYS. We recently read articles in the newspapers giving support to GAYS and their lifestyle. Many persons have even said that the church is silent on this issue.{{more}}

We know that the Bible does not support this practice. Romans 1 speaks clearly about this issue. This lifestyle and practice is an abomination to God and goes against the very nature of God and creation. So, to compare it to other sins is just not fair. Other sins are not against nature, but the GAY practice or lifestyle is against the very nature of creation. There is therefore no comparison when it comes to HOMOSEXUALS.

To support this lifestyle is indeed supporting something that the Lord hates. We must love the person, but hate their practice and lifestyle.

Concerning the church, the true church does not support this practice. For any congregation to embrace this lifestyle, it has not seen Calvary and need to be born again. Many churches may have taken a silent position on homosexuality. However, it is hard to think that they support this practice, for if they do, they are not demonstrating Christian practice and are therefore not worthy of attending.

We know that pressure is being exerted by many groups and individuals who are practising HOMOSEXUALS, to have it legalized. I hate to think that any government in this country of ours would legalize HOMOSEXUALITY and make it legal to marry each other in the name of freedom and rights. If we allow ourselves to do such a thing, we would live to regret it. The next generation will reap the bitter consequence of this choice.

If HOMOSEXUALS are given their rights to practise their lifestyle and get married, then our country would go downwards. For God will become more angry than HE is now and HE will definitely judge us and, who knows, destroy us as a people. Bear in mind that this practice and lifestyle bring the wrath of God upon a nation, since we know that it is an abomination.

Let us as a people who fear God keep praying that this country would never legalize this practice and let us pray that those who practise this lifestyle repent and turn their lives over to JESUS CHRIST, since only Christ can change a person. May God bless this nation.

Kennard King